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The Eyelash Perm & Tint - this is great, if, like me, you are fair haired with very light colour lashes.  Katy suggested I went for blue/black tint whereas I would normally go for brown.  Katy was right of course as the end result was WOW!.  The navy blue worked brilliantly, really defining my eyes and bringing out their blue colour.  It also lasted for ages.  The perm was equally good as it opened up my area and made me look younger!  It lasted about 6-8 weeks.  Great for holidays.

The Eyebrow Tint & Shape - again as above but brown!! At last I have eyebrows!


After many years of being unsuccessful in getting the eyelash tint to ‘take’ on my white/blonde bottom lashes I went to visit Katy at The Garden Room.

During my consultation she listened to my concerns, and I am delighted to report, has since been 100% successful in tinting those rogue lower lashes.

Katy has introduced me to eyelash perming, something I had not previously heard of and am now addicted to, the effect is quite dramatic!

I am delighted with the quality of the personal service I receive and have been very pleased to take advantage of the personalised gift vouchers Katy offers, it has made present buying, from birthdays to Christmas to thank-yous and mother’s day, such a pleasure.  MrsB

The service you give is very professional - I always feel I am in safe hands and will recommend you to friends and acquaintances.  Even something as simple as having my eyebrows shaped properly - and so beautifully - has given my confidence a real boost.  I don’t know why I thought what I was doing was adequate.  There’s simply no comparison.  Now for the eyebrow tint I think!

I never thought I had eyelashes until Katy found them!  They always looked short and stubby but now I have them permed and tinted I can see them and so can everyone else.  It makes such a difference.  I wish that I had discovered this treatment and Katy years ago but it’s never too late.  I’m 78!

Eye enhancements - feedback

Having had my eyelashes dyed at various salons in the past where they managed to get dye into my eyes, not a very pleasant experience I was really pleased to discover Katy.  I was very apprehensive about trying again but Katy put me at ease with her friendly and professional manner and the experience is always pleasant and the eyelashes fantastic.