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Thai massage - feedback

Katy explained about the Thai Style Massage in  detail and it so very different form any massages I have had in the past.  What a wonderfl experience it was - I cannot really describe how deeply affected I was, physically and emotionally.  I was very stressed before I had the massage but felt I was able to rid my body and mind of some of the “knots” and felt it “emptied” me of some of the muddle in my head.  Katy gave me the two “poultices” (pictured on her website) - to put in my next bath (I usually shower).  However, they are sitting in my bedroom and the smell from them - especially the lemongrass - is wonderfully relaxing.  The massage has helped me put things in perspective - and it won’t be long before I have another Thai Massage - I would urge anyone to try it out.  Mrs MJD

Thai Hot Herbal Compress Body Massage:  I have had 2 of these amazing massages both of which surprisingly left me with gentle tears rolling down my face.  Katy explained that I was ‘letting go’ of accumulated mental, emotional and physical tension from my body.  The tears were a sign of relaxation and emotional cleansing.  She explained that not until I let go could I move on to feel better.  The massage and the wonderful aromas had certainly allowed me to do that.  This was followed, like my first time, with an exhausted feeling on that day.  Again Katy explained that this was the ‘healing process’ which the occasional client but certainly not all clients experience as the body tries to rebalance itself.  But WOW!  The next day I felt really revived and ‘ready to go’.  I thoroughly recommend this massage - it is just wonderful!